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Caverender Pro

Never seen this before so I had a look around for an hour or so and found it quite interesting. Has anyone managed to get their head round it yet.

Chris J

Active member
I like the fact that is has a proper GUI interface with ... buttons!! not put any time into trying to use it but may give it a go on an upcoming exped.


24/2/2023: Trying it now (v.9.6.3) - data in from many formats; auto declination; Survex style rotate; import sketches; drawing tools, scaleable symbols, many undo levels; exports into svg (for Inkscape tweaking?) and pdf (for 10€). Will take in a number of caves for an area view / drawn survey(?) but whether it will cope with hundreds of surveys around Matienzo is another matter. Looks excellent for a stand-alone survey, at least!


Work in progress ...