Caves in south Wales and the marches


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Does anybody know if DW Jenkins and Ann mason Williams are still with us ? And whether anyone knows anything about the source and writing of this book?


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Can't answer the first question.

Published 1963 by Dalesman Publishing Company Ltd. No ISBN number.

The Introduction says:

"The authors wish to thank the Committees and members of South Wales Caving Club, British Nylon Spinners Speleological Society, Hereford Caving Club and Gloucester Speleological Society." Then goes on to mention some people by name.
David Jenkins started recording caves in Wales for the Cave Association of Wales (1946-48) and continued as a member of SWCC. His obituary is in SWCC nl 114 (1994) and will tell you some of the background to the guide....
Ann Mason / Mason Williams / Edington was a botanist and pioneer in studying cave microbes; she died in 2009.

I suspect that some SWCC members will know a lot more than I do.


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There was a 2nd edition in 1967 for 10'6.

His obituary can be found online in that newsletter.