Caving Illnesses


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Lymes is becoming a big issue in the Dales, especially for anyone that spends time on the moors or in wooded areas


The only time I have knowingly been bitten by a tick was once behind a rubber watch strap and a second time on the belly. Both times were on Dartmoor or Exmoor and I had been sitting on grass and wearing boot and gaters. Little b*stards...

Winnat's Caver

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We accidentally camped on what must have been a tick nest in a forest in Dartmoor. I would reach into the grass to take a tent peg out and be met with 6 ticks on my hand. They kept coming almost as quickly as we could get them off. Mental!


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(Touching wood) I've never been bitten by a tick.
This is because I invested in a tick removal tool as a precaution, so obviously I've never needed it.

Bit like how it never rains for ages when you've bought a fancy new waterproof jacket.

Duncan Price

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Readers of "Underwater Potholer" will be aware that I was bitten by tick on an intimate part of my anatomy. I have photos (which I won't share) to prove it (though I did share them with a medical friend of mine and they are used in his lecture course on GU medicine).

Our cats often acquire ticks and we have tick removal tools - they bring them into the house in their fur and I found one crawling across the bed sheets at the weekend.

Ali M

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Husband and dog seem to acquire ticks in equal numbers in our household and the tick season seems longer every year. 😖