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Caving Songs.....


New member
Hehe found these two about cave girls :)

I think this one is better though http://www.caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Music/2010/Cave_Girls.mp3
There's a place cave girls go
There's a place down below
Hidden from
LIght of day
Cave girls they
Know the way

Under the sewer
Precious as pearls
Breaking hearts
All around the world
Cave girls whisper, "come with me
To a place below the sea."

So they say
Make some rock
Go away
Rise and fall
Cave girls they do it all

Under the sewer
Precious as pearls
Breaking hearts
All around the world
Cave girls whisper, "come with me
To a place below the sea."

cave girls cave girls
they're so cool
cave girls cave girls
they rule
cave girls know they're ??
cave girls they are going wild!

they are so mysterious
and yet you are curious
what they know you didn't learn in school
in the dark cave girls rule!

ohhhhhh yeah :D I rule!


New member
Hi, can I draw your attention to 'They words, they words They 'orrible words' by Nick Cornwell-Smith,  printed in 1993. It is an Anthology of Caving Songs from across the country.  There are songs from the BPC, Belfry, Craven, Shepton Mallet, Burnley, MCG,  Grampian , Cerebus, SWCC, Wessex,  Red Rose  SUSS, YRC, Chelsea and many others. The title comes  from the words spoken by Ben Dors, the Landlord of the Hunters at the time, when the singing in the pub got too bawdy for him.

The BPC rally their singing abilities (very loud, rawcous and well into the night) predominantly at the BPC Winch meet. I promise it is quite an immersive and total experience. Song sheets are produced for newcomers but you pick up on the theme eventually (the chorus and the actions) and leave to detail to the 'more knowledgeable' (I am being polite in my description at this point)

Its more the compactness of the locii, a fine balance of  beer consumption combined with tiredness and happiness that produces the best results.  You cannot quite predict when the singing might or might not happen. It is comforting as one retires upstream to hear the singing continue into the night, almost magical as the club sing you to your pit.

Besides Nicks Book , we have a copy of the 'Penwylt Song book', 'A book of songs from the Hunters Lodge' and 'Alfies Mendip Cavers Songs' plus several song sheets so there is stuff  available in print.

But ultimately it is the situation, the company  plus your state of receptiveness that makes the experience significant at the time.

Is it really just 20 weeks and counting now?



Active member
Latest news:

Roger has collected some caving songs with the music:


Caving Songs of 1950's and 1960's by Maurice Hewins