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Cleopatra's tomb

Joe Duxbury

Here's another underground offering that was on the box: 'Secrets of Egypt's Valley of the Kings', Channel 4, 8 pm Sunday 5th April.
'a lawyer-turned-archaeologist discovers a secret tunnel network at a forgotten temple that could lead her to the tomb of the last pharaoh of Egypt.'
Having dug a shaft to expose a tunnel (hardly a 'network' - it ran left and right from the base of the shaft), and despite it being the last day of the dig, and despite putting on a pair of waders because the tunnel had wading-depth water in it, she wimped out of going along the tunnel to inspect the end. There we are, it could be Cleopatra's tomb, a momentous discovery, which she's been searching for for years, and she whines about getting wet. "But you've got waders on!" I shout at the telly.
Maybe the TV company's insurance wouldn't allow her to, but she could have done it off-camera.


Well-known member
I saw that and was shouting at the telly as well! Must have had 4' of air space in solid rock - bigger than a coffin level, and she backed off!
One of the Time Team would have been down there in no time, never mind a "proper" cave / mine explorer!