• Overground/underground - a caving archaeology project in the Yorkshire Dales

    1st June 2-4pm at Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

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Come view The Cave Starter Pack at Hidden Earth!!


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Hi all,

As some of you might know, for the past two years I have been working on a book about caves - their science, poetry and community, etc. Some of you have even participated in my questionnaire and a selection of your answers ended up in the book. You're all listed on the thanks page - and thank you again for participating!

'The Cave Starter Pack' is a fully illustrated, interactive book. If you are interested in seeing the result of this MA project, it will be available to view during Hidden Earth (and I hope you like it!). I will be sharing a stall with TSG and will probably be there from 12pm on Saturday - come say hi, it would be nice!  ;)

All the best