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Cottages at FCQ

The Old Ruminator

Well-known member
Thanks Sid. Pete Rose second from left ex Portsmouth Poly. C. C. and long term member of Cerberus C. C. who inhabited the cottage with Border C.C. next door until the clubs amalgamated. Sadly Pete is very ill now and no longer goes caving. We had great times here and worked well with Hobbs Quarries who owned the site. We got called in to look at any new holes which would not happen today. A clip from Andy Freem's film shows me dancing about in the road c 1970 which Pete took. How open it all was back then.



New member
Had many stays at the cottages (Cerberus) in the 70’s with Portsmouth Polytechnic Caving Club. Great times. Shame they had to go.


Well-known member
They didn't go they just were abandoned and are still there in a state of ruin. I recall our first visit in 1966 I think when we very kindly emptied out an overflowing elsan only to discover the reason it was abandoned was that they had recently installed a flush toilet in the hut!


Well-known member
Now here is a quiz question. Who is the famous caver in this photo taken by Pete Rose in Withyhill Cave?


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