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Covid travel restrictions and Police fines etc.


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During November testing was still increasing, but positives decreased. Both hospital admissions & deaths plateaued & even showed a slight dip, so they probably thought they'd got away with it at that point:


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I am from Northamptonshire a place I doubt any of you have heard of as no caves here at all so say Cambridge, the first lockdown here worked very well everyone listened and stayed at home on furlough as their bosses aloud it the roads where the most quiet I have seen in my life time , now it seems to me every boss has found a loop hole around it for people to go back to work via the hair dressers beauty and restaurant owners who now do take away . Yesterday I was doing a fence at a newly bought house for the man I work for . It has a stunning kitchen but he doesn?t like it he had 4 separate companies come round to quote for changing the doors work top and door handles ! How is any of this essential! . Is this the same where others are from or are just people here idiots ?


The country cannot afford to pay everybody to stay at home, while collecting no tax while nobody works.

'Getting a new kitchen fitted' is not essential, however 'fitting a kitchen' is essential to a kitchen fitter who needs to earn a living.

The people who are still working when perhaps they could have sat on their arse all year are the only thing keeping our economy alive. Had everyone who could have claimed furlough done so, rather than just those who needed to claim furlough, this country would be even more screwed than it is. There is no magic money tree. Everything borrowed now will need paying back and it's going to be painful, for decades to come.


mikem said:
& we are fortunate indeed to have the resources to manage it, as many countries don't.

Wrong answer, I'm afraid.
Covid, like climate change, is a global problem.
We won't be fortunate unless all other countries are also fortunate.


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al said:
Wrong answer, I'm afraid.
Covid, like climate change, is a global problem.
We won't be fortunate unless all other countries are also fortunate.
My comment was solely about furlough, but the government are also doing something towards this:


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I had my first jab of the Phizer vaccine on Friday. Where I had the jab is somewhat achey and I feel like I've got a mild flu. Pretty mild side effects. There was a great atmosphere at the vaccination centre, everyone was really happy.


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I had mine on Friday too. Very, very impressed by the organisation, atmosphere and the huge number of happy volunteers of all ages.

If you have the Pfizer jab, you're asked to wait around for 15 minutes to make sure you don't keel over (very unlikely, but that's part of the protocol). In our case, this meant sitting in a very well ventilated room (all doors and windows open) on a cold and breezy evening. Those who'd nipped in in T shirts to make it easier to get jabbed were looking very blue by the time they were released. Those who'd taken jackets looked very smug.

Like Crickleymal, side-effects very minor - a bit of shivering and achiness. Hardly even man 'flu...


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You have to wait around after the AZ too.

I had a jacket because I?d assumed I?d be queueing in a draughty car park, but, no, I was straight in.

Feel a bit envious of those having their jab in Lichfield cathedral. A cut above a modern hotel on the ring road.