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Dachstein Booby-trap


A story on krone.at about a near-miss with a booby-trapped belay on the Dachstein.  My german isn't up to much, but (using translate.google.com) it seems that a 38-year-old caver (who happens to be a policeman) found that a belay used to access a cave had been modified so that it would dump a load of rocks down the pitch.  Another caver, a 68-year-old, had warned him off going there a couple of days earlier, and is the prime suspect.

Can anybody with a better command of german than me (preferably a much better command of german!) confirm that I've got the gist of the story right?



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My German's not brilliant, but that's how I read it. One fairly large stone and about 10 others, at a pitch about 150m in. The suspect is one of the original? discoverers and feels it's been overrun, "his" cave should be left in peace. Also suspected in damaging some cars a few days previously.


In a nutshell, yes, Duncan. They've arrested the guy for attempted murder and criminal damage (for the cavers' cars being damaged) so the authorities are not messing about!


Just found another article on the same story at kleinezeitung.at... I now think that I know at least two of the cavers involved (I know Robert Seebacher, and I have a german friend who is currently on expedition in Austria... I've sent an email to them!)



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Agree that it says what you think it says.

The second article also says that the caving party were saved by the fact that it was nice weather. Normally they would have gone underground earlier in the day and this, they allege, is what the 69 year old assumed. He then came along in the middle of the day and was seen messing around at the entrance. People assumed he had cut the ropes. In reality, when the caving party went to investigate they found that the 69 year old had tied some boulders around the rope so that when they got on, from what he assumed was below, they would pull down the rocks and be killed.

Shocking stuff!


damian said:
Agree that it says what you think it says.

Thanks to everybody who has confirmed the meaning of the articles. (y)

The story makes more sense with the bit about them going underground later than usual.

It's a shocking story - I can't think of ever having heard of anything similar.  At least it sounds like the authorities are taking it very seriously (hardly surprising as one of the intended victims is a cop).


Joel Corrigan

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Bloody hell: I always knew that exploration in the Dachstein could be harsh but this is taking the piss! Robert is currently the main explorer in the Sudwand Hohle and the potential is HUGE (it's heading directly to the Hirlatz). My understanding is that a few years ago it was very tricky access as the local club were very possessive, even though they hadn't done anything of note there for a long time. I'll pick the brains of the Obertraun lot and see what they can tell me.  Still, any publicity for caving is good publicity......


Joel Corrigan said:
Still, any publicity for caving is good publicity......


I had to check it wasnt April the 1st when I first read this thread.

The guy must have some serious 'issues'


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Duncan said:
A long and detailed post in english on Robert Seebacher's blog gives more details and clarifies a few things. The story hasn't got any less crazy.
An interesting report, very lucky that nobody was hurt.
It does indeed sound like there is something hidden in the cave that was worth hidding, maybe a connection or two? :-\


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maybe not. Most cavers if they found something amazing would publicise it. then again most cavers wouldn't try to kill people who had pirated their dig / dive / exploration