David William Gill 1941-2024


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Ever generous to friends and visitors to Sarawak, Dave came to meet us at the airport as we arrived for the Benarat 2024 trip. We made plans to meet again a few days later but he messaged to say he had flu and couldn't make it. We expected to see him on our way out but received the sad news that he had passed just a week later. Mulu, Sarawak even, will not be the same without him, he did so much for the place including most of the work which led to Mulu gaining World Heritage status in all four categories.

Another of Dave's major achievements was organising the Untamed River Expedition to PNG in 1984. Without Dave's skill and drive I doubt the expedition would have got off the ground. I was fortunate to cave with Dave on a number of his great adventures and will be forever grateful for the opportunities he gave me. Not least because it was by his invitation that I went on my first Mulu trip in 1991. I've enjoyed 13 more since then.

RIP old pal.


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RIP Dave, it was deeply saddening to hear news that Dave had passed away, he met us at Miri airport late December and seemed in good spirits then.
I truly owe my life to Dave's actions back in 1993, when in his capacity with Mulu National Park he called out a full search involving local trackers to find me when I had run off into the rainforest being chased by hallucinations of demons brought on by Dengue fever. A true caving legend who will be deeply missed.