Dive Support Tomorrow

A bit last minute I know but if you don?t ask...
We are short of one possibly two Sherpas for a dive carry to Beetroot sump in Goyden pot tomorrow.
It?s a nice trip with two pitches, more walking than crawling and you get to see the excellent, not often visited Beetroot passage with its jet black chert floors.
If you fancy it meet at Howstean Gorge cafe at 10.00am. Should take 5-6 hours, don?t forget SRT kit and we will buy you a beer (or whatever) afterwards.

Followup to my request...

Ended up with just 3 of us, had a change of plan and Cristian laid 121m of new line in big passage with ongoing lead hopefully heading to the end of the Beetroot line. Survey says 12m vertical and approx 24 horizontal separation. very happy bunch in the pub last night.

Full report here.

This Sunday was an exciting day with a significant advance made by Cristian. We are now close to a sump connection between Goyden and Frog pot being dived and confirmed link with other leads to explore.
The day started in a slow relaxed way with Cristian, Nick and Chris meeting for breakfast at How Stean cafe. So relaxed we did not even get to park at Limley farm till 11.30 am. The original idea was for Cristian to revisit Beet Route sump. On his last visit he found 180m of passage and left it open and ongoing. With only Nick and Chris to help carry gear this time plans were changed and we decided to give Frog pot upstream sump a go. This sump is the presumed outlet for Beet Route sump and has been explored for just 15m without a clear way on being found.
The carry in through Frog pot went surprisingly smoothly and we arrived at the upstream sump quicker than expected. Cristian got ready and then stooped under the arch that led to the sump lake. here he tied the line round a boulder that he placed on a shelf. Nick and Chris watched as he dived off and then set about building a wall at the base of Toad-U-So pitch to prevent run ins from the steep boulder slope. After 30mins of fruitful work we heard a sound and it was Cristian's return. He said 'just 24m', Chris replied 'oh well further than the 15m'. He came back with a big grin and said 'no that 24m depth and held up his line reel now only half full and then said 'and 120m of line laid out, with the way open and big' :)
What an amazing achievement....which way did it go? How close is it getting to the Beet Route find? Cristian had managed to survey the sump on his return so Nick and Chris surveyed from his belay by the sump to a known survey station in Frog pot.
It was a slower journey out with the heavy bags. A quick wash off of gear in a very smelly pool in the river bed and then to the cars to get changed. Once changed we went to the Crown Middlesmoor to talk more about the dive and carefully re-write out the survey notes so they were in the opposite direction.
Nick did the survey work back at home...see the photo added here. YES JUST 24M SEPARATION BETWEEN BOTH FINDS.....
Not only is the link now on the cards but Cristian has noticed a few passages going off the main one that need exploring as well...one could be where Carter passage may well join???



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