Entrances around treak cliff hillside


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So I’m currently sat in field near Castleton looking up at three clear entrances above treak cliff. What are they?
And has anyone ever dug Odin cave? All seems to suggest a large cave in that hillside……
Not been in the peak scene for some time!


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One will be Dielasma Cave, but digging isn't allowed as far as I know, sadly. One may be the old 'discovery' entrance into Treak Cliff itself? There's a few old 1940s pipe workings up around there too. Some at the TSG are looking at all this at the moment, funnily enough. No idea on Odin Cave, but again I suspect the NT wouldn't be keen. We've been working in the mine a bit lately, but noting major to report yet.

Mrs Trellis

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Iirc the 1940's workings go in a sort of z formation to the south of the show cave.

If you read CoPD description of Tree Hole it notes the holes mentioned; Dielasma Cave and the
large rock shelter visible from the valley
. I've fossicked around there from the ridge accessed from the footpath leading to BJM.

Also in CoPD is mention of a shaft giving access to a second chamber in Odin Cave. Wayne Rickett of the Eldon had a look at the avens in the roof.

There's an interesting hole in the hanging valley which drops into the Odin gorge.
Wayne was always interested in that whole area. We did have a look at that interesting hole in the hanging valley. From my vague memory it was interesting but very muddy, with some signs that others might have been working there.


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Are we talking about one of these two?




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The top hole had a big collapse of the overhanging roof in 2019. I did once see a sheep sat in the entrance to this, which was impressive - I thought I had a photo of it, but can't find it if I did.


Mrs Trellis

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It's the above iirc. It usually had a pool just inside. When I saw a sheep in there it was a gonner I think.


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There's also these two shafts higher up, but I think they may be from the 1940s spar working.




Before discovering the new bits in Treak Cliff, myself and Markc of this parish did have a wander around the hillside poking and prodding various holes. We did attempt to dig out Tree Hole or where we thought it was, but we gave up as we think we were digging just a scree pile.

However, after Markc moved to South Wales, I was wandering around in Treak Cliff Cavern, and just past the first set of steps in the entrance series of the mined bit, on the right there is a muddy track to natural, after scrambling underneath the natural, you look up into an aven/chimney/shaft thats blocked to the top with large angular stuff (i.e. waste).

Having a poke around with a certain J.T. of TCC on the surface, we found where the shaft breaks the surface - albeit covered in scree - was this the first entrance before they drove the level?