Filming Alumpot next week


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My name is Robyn, I'm a Producer for CPL Productions Ltd. For our project Hold the Front Page, we are going to be covering a news story about the wonders of caving in the Yorkshire Dales at Alum Pot.

As such, we need to do some filming and pre-filming prep work in the Pot and around the vicinity of its opening on the 12th July

For safety reasons, we'd like to suggest that cavers try and avoid Alum Pot on this date as there will be a number of crew and equipment in the Pot and surrounding it.
We have permission to film from the land owner, however, understand and appreciate that there are pre-existing access agreements in place. Therefore, we hope that by giving you this notice, this minimises any disruption, and that you are able to make alternative plans.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to email me - -

Thanks so much