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FOR THE Nth TIME - The Reopening of the Fontanelle Cemetery





The story seems like so much more media noise on RAI, State Television. Channel 3, on their regional newscast in an interview, officially announced that the project to clean up, organize and restore the neglected, mysterious and historic underground Fontanelle
Cemetery has been completed after years of on and off work. (see cavity C0096 in our web site database).
They indicated that the project would soon be turned back over to the City of Naples.

We were convinced. as we watched the interview, that perhaps they would announce a final date for the long anticipated reopening. But, near the end of the story it was announced that the reopening would only come after “several more months” necessary for final preparatons and such. Let's just hope this is not another “final announcement” for the Nth time! For those not familiar with the Fontanelle Cemetery, which houses incredible collections of human skulls and bones placed there by ancient religious cults, please look at our collection of photographs taken inside the wandering cavern .

We soon hope to be able to post an English translation of the story of Fontanelle Cemetery.

By - Napoli Underground

Translation - Larry Ray