Furry suit re-fluffing


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I've a couple of furry suits which have lost their original fluff and warmth, the label says to 'Brush to restore pile'. I've tried this with limited and slow success, does anyone have any top tips for restoring fluffiness? Thinking of the type of brush etc.?



Sounds like the label on a Warmbac fleece undersuit.

When I wash mine (not that frequently) I always use lots of fabric conditioner.

Since I started doing this, my undersuits have lasted much longer, though whether this will revive your's, I don't know...


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Isn't it possibly the case that many of the pile fibres have simply gone down the drain? Whether natural or washing-machine! I think essentially they just wear out - my AV is feeling decidedly chilly these days, and newer ones belonging to friends definitely look thicker than mine when they put them on. But I do wash it after every trip unless it's super-easy, so maybe there's my problem. But it's usually at least damp from sweat by the end of a trip anyway.