Ghar Parau at Eurospeleo 2016


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Ghar Parau took ?2,045 during Eurospeleo 2016 from Card & book sales, donations and the speleo raffle

Berger book sales    ?305.00       

Donation    ?31.12           

Card sales    ?305.00       

Raffle tickets    ?1,403.88     

Total    ?2045

Congratulations to the raffle prize winners:


Scurion 1500: Patrick Hathway

Berger books:


Kay Eyeington, Alanna Sandys, Gouleuf Serge, Tim Moulds, Richard Neal & Pete Bennett

PDA case:  Mark Brown

On behalf of the Ghar Parau Foundation a big thanks must be given to Scurion for the donation of the lamp and to Mark Wright and Robbie shone for the donation of the Gouffre Berger Books.

Also thank you to all the sales team who helped in achieving this great result for the Ghar Parau Foundation.

The Ghar Parau cards are still available and can be purchased from the Website.


(y) Thanks to Madphil for the above info:  (y)



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Big well done to the raffle ticket sellers - Imo, Alys, Liz, Phil and everyone else i've missed mentioning.