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Guide wanted south west or Midlands for this Saturday


New member
My friends and I were due to go on a begging caving trip in Wales this weekend but due to the forecast snow we are desperately trying to find an alternative. It's been in the calander for ages and we were really looking forward to it.
Anyone know/willing to take 3 enthusiastic begginers on an introductory caving trip this Saturday, say within a 2h drive of Swindon?? Afraid we don't have our our own gear so would need to borrow helmets, etc, , ropes if necessary .
We'd be happy to pay or donate to club.


Active member
I'm happy to give you a trip to Sump 1 or Sump 2 in Swildons if you fancy it. A beer afterwards would be the fee...


Well-known member
Been quite a lot of snow on Mendip too, but ice will be more of a problem tomorrow...