Help Sid Perou celebrate his 80th Birthday, say thank you to a caving hero


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When I was young, I was inspired to seek out the incredible world of caving through the films of Sid Perou. I am sure many of my fellow cavers were the same. Later as a young adult as I was starting to try making caving videos myself, I got to know Sid in person and discovered him to be one of the most kind, generous and encouraging people I know. So I was saddened to learn that in his retirement in Thailand where he now lives with his wife, he has had the misfortune to lose most of his savings due to bad investment advice from a financial adviser. This has meant Sid has had to cancel his plans to return to England to celebrate his 80th birthday with his caving friends and his sons. He has also had to give up his film projects which I know have been what Sid has loved to do all his life. But the caving world is full of wonderful people, and I know there a many generous soles out there who will be only too happy to help Sid make it home for his 80th birthday this April. Sid?s son Tom has set up a crowdfunding page to raise the money. 

Sid spent his entire working life making some of the most inspiring caving films that exist today, and he never made much money from them. He generously put his entire collection of films onto youtube for cavers to enjoy for free. If you have watched them then perhaps donating a few quid to Sid?s fund would be a great way to say thank you? Think of it as buying him a beer or two for his 80th. It would be great to see him able to visit his friends for his birthday, and to have enough money left to continue his passion of film making in his remaining years. Let?s see how much cavers can smash this fund raising target by, to give a little something back to a genuinely lovely guy and caving hero.

You can find details of Sid?s caving films in this post:

Caver Keith

The first caving club I joined (in the 1980s) was the West Midlands Cave Exploration Group (WMCEG). Soon after starting caving I began making caving videos using a large VHS C camera and a 12V car battery wired to two headlamps for lighting. I was lucky to get 8 minutes of video from one battery charge, but I digress. It was a WMCEG tradition to give everyone a nickname and mine was ?Sid? - no prizes for guessing why.
Sid was, and still is, an inspiration to me and I certainly will be contributing to the fund.


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Its looking like there might be enough left, to buy the old bugger a pint

"Caver's never cease to amaze me"