A Mossdale Documentary


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Dear UK Caving community,

My name is Dan Hartley and I’m a filmmaker who was raised in Austwick in the North Yorkshire Dales but now lives in Buckinghamshire. I previously made Lad: A Yorkshire Story, a film about a teenager who befriends a park ranger in the Yorkshire Dales after the death of his father and more recently the HBO/Sky feature documentary - David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived, about the stunt double for Daniel Radcliffe on the Harry Potter films.

Around five years ago I started researching the Mossdale Cavern Disaster of 1967 and I’m now hoping to make a documentary about Mossdale, that portrays the incredible community endeavour that took place that weekend and also explores the subject of caving and the potential undiscovered passages that lie under the Grassington moors.

As someone from the area, I personally know people who were impacted by the event and as a filmmaker I want to approach this project with extreme sensitivity and care and so I began my outreach by contacting UWFRA and the CRO and participants from the time for whom I was able to get contact information.

If anyone here has any personal archive that relates to Mossdale - be it photos, journals, film reel or clippings and they're happy to share them with me, please do get in touch, and if you have explored Mossdale or can talk about the 67 incident with authority I'd love to hear from you.

I can be reached directly on 07887 548640 or dan@roguerunner.com

Also on Monday April 8th 2024 I will be visiting the area and hoping to meet with as many people in person as possible, so please drop me a line if you'd like to meet me and I'll firm up an itinerary. I really want to convey my approach for the film but also take on board any comments or concerns.

Finally, I just wanted to add that this film is intended to be a celebration of caving, that is focused on the camraderie of the community, the historical discoveries and the potential for future exploration, it is not designed to be sensational or bleak - and I will to continue to engage the community throughout the making of the film to make sure we achieve that goal.



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Just an update to say that I really enjoyed the meeting on Monday April 8th and loved hearing the stories and memories. We're now looking to film some interviews on Mon/Tues April 22 and 23 and very keen to hear from anyone we haven't spoken to who was in attendance during the weekend of 1967 and the friends and families of those impacted by the accident. Please do get in touch if you'd like to know more or wish to participate in the film. Thanks, Dan