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Hidden Earth 2017 Scurion Raffle


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Hi All,

The Hidden Earth 2017 Scurion Raffle in Aid of the Ghar Parau Foundation raised a staggering ?1046  :clap: :clap:

The Winners were:-

First Prize:-
The 1500 Scurion lamp] (donated by Scurion): Alex Hannam


Second Prize:-
A painting (donated by Robin Gray): Basher Baines

Third Prize
A pottery Mug (donated by Handknitted Pottery): Lydia Leather

A really big thanks to Maxine Bateman and Kate Humpries for their sterling job of helping sell raffle tickets. :clap: :clap:
A even bigger thanks to Scurion, Robin Gray and Hugh Penny for donating prizes in support of the Ghar Parau Foundation. :clap: :clap:

and a final thanks to everyone who bought tickets and supported the Ghar Parau Foundation. If you didn't win this time then I wish you luck next time.

The Ghar Parau Foundation's next fund raising event is a prize draw with the top prize being a week long trip to Mulu National Park, Northern Sarawak, Malaysia (including flights :D). Tickets will be available soon, more details to come.

The Ghar Parau Secretary


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