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A Golden Age of British Cave Exporation - Grand Prize Draw Results


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Golden Age of British Cave Exploration - Grand Prize Draw Results

The Grand prize draw was pulled yesterday evening the 4th of December and the results are as follows

1st  Prize - A trip to Mulu National Park,
Winner:  Alex Thurston (Ticket No:- 000487) :clap: :clap:

2nd Prize - A Robin Gray painting
Winner: Rachel Turnball (Ticket No:- 000171)

3rd Prize - Gouffre Berger Books
Elaine Oliver (Ticket No:- 000157)
Paul Taylor (Ticket No:- 000843)
Alex Johnson (Ticket No:- 000550)
J.J (Ticket No:- 000371)

4th Prize - A VIP family ticket for 4 to Wookey Hole with adventure caving
Winner :- James Begley (Ticket No:- 000165)

5th Prize - GoBelow tickets
Winner:- Mark Holdcroft (Ticket No:- 000222)

The winners will be contacted by the Ghar Parau Foundation, but they can also contact the Ghar Parau Treasurer (Paul Ibberson) at Treasurer{at}gharparau.org.uk.

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to those not lucky enough to have a winning ticket. A big thanks to everyone for their support for the Ghar Parau Foundation.

A final thanks to everyone who helped with the selling of tickets and the organisation of the Draw.

The Secretary of the Ghar Parau Foundation Secretary


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Wow  :eek:  ;)

Had to register again to post here as I'd forgotten my password and somehow there seemed to be no account registered against my email?

However - what a pleasant surprise this morning and very much appreciated!

Not sure it's quite sunk in yet but very much looking forward to finding out more.

Many Thanks to the organisers  :beer:

Also, great talks, sadly I was only able to be present on the Saturday but it flew past which for a day sitting in a lecture hall is saying something.


Congratulation ttxela2  :)

I am also a winner with a copy of the excellent Gouffre Berger Book. However I already have a copy so would anybody like to have it in return for a good donation to the Ghar Parou Foundation. The full cover cost is around ?40.00, so any donation to GPF would be appreciated.

Please PM me if interested, I am sure it could be delivered by caver post in time for Christmas! Every caver should have a copy on their bookshelf!

Cheers JJ  :beer:


Ian Ball

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Interesting JJ, I contacted the GPF people before the draw asking if I could buy a ticket without attending so I had the chance to win a Berger book.

Actually, pay attention Ian, PM I will send.


Ian a PM has been sent and thanks. Absolutely brilliant, book now "sold" for the GPF.

Shows the power of this Forum, took less than 45 minutes  ;)  :beer:

Mark Wright

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Indeed, every caver should have a copy of the award winning Gouffre Berger book.

There?s not many left but I can get them shipped out to you before Christmas.



David Rose

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No other book provides such an informative and gorgeous-looking account of a major cave system.

And as well as the fabulous contemporary photos by Robbie Shone, there are some amazing historical ones, too.

It is indeed indispensable.


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Congratulations to all the winners!

Well jealous, will have to use all my loosing tickets to wall paper the toilet instead [emoji21]

I am fortunate enough to have a copy of the Berger book though [emoji3][emoji106]

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Wow, I've just returned for the Mulu trip and what an excellent prize it was! It took us a while to set a date due to some difficulties I was having at work. In the end my wife was unable to join me due to some medical issues so my youngest daughter came along instead.

We both feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have won such a prize and are very grateful to all involved. The park is incredible and we could have happily spent much longer there.

I took some video of the trip which is here;



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This was our visit to Wind Cave, Lady Cave & Clearwater Cave. All very impressive! Summer said the highlight was swimming in the river afterwards though  :LOL:


Ian Ball

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How do you pronounce ttexla?

Really enjoyed watching these videos, thanks for taking the time to put them together.


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Ian Ball said:
How do you pronounce ttexla?

I think the answer is you probably don't  :LOL:

The name stems back to the early days of the internet when I first had to choose an email address, my name was already taken so I spelled it backwards, believe it or not that was taken too so I added an extra 't'.


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The 3rd (and final) part of our trip, our stay at the Marriott, the Canopy Skywalk and Paku Waterfalls. Again can't speak highly enough of the place and the people we met. It was a wonderful trip and even more amazing as a raffle prize!