Hidden Earth 2019 - Scurion Raffle Results


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This year the amazing sum of ?1229 was raised by the Scurion Raffle which is an astonishing figure. The result is entierly credited to Maxine Bateman (with help from Meg Gorry), who's relentless selling tack ticks achieved this figure. A massive thank-you on behalf of GPF is extended to Maxine and Meg - Thank you very very much. :bow: :bow: :bow:

The winner of the Scurion '1500 basic' was Phil Hawcroft.
2nd prize a Silver bat pendant and a pair of bat earings was won by Ian France
3rd prize a pair of bat earings was won by Alistair Godd

Other winners
Nick Parnham - An artwork by Ceris Jones
Sam Drake - A mug from Hand Knitted Pottery
Alex Ritchie - A buff from SWCC
Chris Fox - Artwork by Robin Jones

A further big thank-you has to go to Rolf from Scurion who has supported the Ghar Parau Foundation each year at  Hidden Earth. Many many thanks.  Sam Drake who donated the Silver pendant and bat earing, Ceris Jones, Hand Knitted Pottery, SWCC and Robin Jones for their support for The Ghar Parau Foundation.  :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank-you to all of you who bought Raffle Tickets in support of the Ghar Parau Foundation. ;) ;)

Sorry this has been so late being posted, I returned to China to find both my VPN and Email blocked by the Chinese Firewall which has made things a little difficult, complete nightmare actually.  :cry: :cry:


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Thank you Phil for organising another raffle, I don't have pierced ears but I can pass the bats to someone that would suit them :)

I've met the other Phil (winner) on a few occasions and he is a well deserved winner. going caving with Keith Mason three times a week.


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Thanks for the buff, I won in that raffle. I love the dirt effect, it means I don't ever have to wash it!