Hidden Earth 2018

Les W

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Long Drop said:
Simple question; is it going to happen?  If so, when and where?

Simple answer; I hope so, but it's by no means certain.
The target date is, as is normal, the last weekend i n September, so this year that falls on the 28th to 30th of September, HOWEVER, a venue is yet to be confirmed so it may be that this date is not possible.
As to where, I am awaiting confirmation (or otherwise) for the latest possible venue. If it is all good then it will be announced this week some time.
I am hopeful but this is something like the 20th venue I have tried to sort and for various reasons none so far have been suitable/available on or even near the dates we are aiming for.

As soon as I know you will all know.  (y)


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Maybe it's time to consider venues away from the caving areas?

Places like Tamworth, Cheltenham/Gloucester, Leicester are easy to get to from pretty much anywhere.....


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Or maybe this year we should consider holding it at a different type of venue. A single theatre would suit well, as everyone will only really want to see the one talk (which should be given at least a whole day, if not both).  (y)


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Theatre Clwyd in mold, also I believe shire hall in mold has a lot of empty space due to some departments relocating.
I might have mentioned this before somewhere but what about Northop agricultureral college of