Hidden Earth (again) stuff


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haha, fantastic!  (y) Pretty much what I was thinking when I watched the film years ago. Think I sat there shaking my head...


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Oceanrower, it says the same for me when i try to watch it on ipad. I downloaded mxtube instead of googles rubbish youtube app. !( search descent spoof training video)
Works fine on a standard computer.

tony from suffolk

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"The owner has not made this available for viewing on mobile devices". I had this message from another video that originated from a certain captain of this forum. He's a very naughty boy!

tony from suffolk

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Just managed to fire up the 'puter (had to wake the hamsters, they really don't like running round in that wheel after breakfast) & watched this. Very, very funny! Thanks Cap'n, jolly well done!

(A minor observation - girls (at least the ones I've met) don't have nuts. Well, apart from that nice lady in Bangkok...)