Hidden Earth competition winners!!


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feshipston said:
I have ticket 255 How do I claim the prize? FES

Hello feshipston,

Welcome to the forum - and what a start - congratulations on winning a pair of canyoneers!!

I have sent you a PM (private message) so do check your messages.

Regards, Pegasus


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Well I didn't expect the first four numbers chosen to be claimed - just goes to show, folks certainly do look at the forum  ;)

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Hidden Earth and who took part in this competition, thanks also to the companies who generously offered prizes  (y) (y)

The forum has been really busy since Hidden Earth - thanks everyone, because without cavers posting there wouldn't be a forum.  A number of folks have asked for help logging back on (Welcome back!) and 29 new members have registered since the conference (Welcome to you too  (y))

:D ..and yes, we already have more prizes lined up for future competitions  :D
Caver post worked again  (y)

I now have a very nice new jacket courtisy of  Mountain Equipment.  It is very light weight, feels nice, wraps up really really small AND covers my bum  ;)

Thank you UKcaving for running the competition  :clap:

Jacket still going strong,  kept me dry all day  ;)

Thank you Mountain Equipment & UKCaving  :D


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