Hosts wanted for new-to-caving workshops


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Want to help inspire others to get involved in caving?

On 12th February, we have partnered with the Craven Pothole Club to run a New to Caving Workshop (Click here).

This allows absolute novices seeking a route into caving to come along and enjoy a day underground and learn about caving. Nearly all spaces on this are now taken (only one left out of ten available), so we are seeking more clubs/groups to come forward to host these events.

We now have a New to Caving section on our website where absolute novices can be directed for signup to these sessions as well as links to other useful resources (including the BCA’s national New to Caving website):

We would love to know if your club/group would like to host an event for the coming year.

The CNCC will advertise your session, pitching at those considering caving as a hobby, rather than those wanting a one-off experience-day. We can use our online system to manage signups and collect any payment. The current session is free-of-charge, however, if the host would like to use the session to raise funds for good caving causes or to cover reasonable organising costs, we can collect this as part of signup.

Close to the event, we will hand over so the host can get in touch with attendees and communicate the logistics.

This does mean the host club/group needs to supply basic caving kit to those attending. We appreciate this could limit participation to larger clubs who have access to a supply of spare equipment. If the availability of equipment is the only thing stopping you running such a session please do email our Training Officer (address below) so we can keep a record of interest.

The CNCC will support these sessions with educational material for participants on conservation and safety. As continued support after the event, we will run our two-day New-to-SRT workshop at regular intervals. You can direct anyone interested in continuing caving to sign up to the next available session, thus removing the challenges of getting new cavers trained up on SRT skills.

If you would like to host a session, please get in touch with to discuss.


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Our first new-to-caving event took place last Sunday, and everything went really well. Lots of enthusiastic people, several of who seemed keen to take things further. You can read a short report here:

Photo above courtesy of Ian Patrick.

A massive thank you to the Craven Pothole Club for working with us to get this initiative going and hosting this first event.

To make this work, we need to hear from any other clubs/groups who might be willing to host such an event in collaboration with CNCC for later this year (or even next year). These events simply can't happen without volunteer clubs.

If you can help or if you have any questions, email


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Had a bit of a chat with some of the other YSS guys after our AGM a couple of weeks ago.. watch this space!