How you can help with the relaunch of UKC


Staff member
Hello All, welcome to the other side 😁and thank you to those who have already begun posting, registering, engaging etc.

I will begin to promote the upgrade news in a week or so, after giving Q and the moderation team time to familiarise themselves with the new features and make any further changes (please do keep your feedback coming, we are listening).

What can you do to help??

Help spread the word - it's understandable some cavers found the previous softwear clunky, please tell them about the upgrade!

Post, engage and contribute - it's much easier now to show your appreciation for a lovely photo or useful snippet of information, give it a go!
Content - UKC is a valuable resource for our caving community, the more information/questions/discussions posted, the better the forum is!

Register- if you have been a lurker for years (and there are a lot of you!), please consider registering and joining is. You will then be able to post, engage and contribute!

Thank you for your support 👍👍👍