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Ibbeth Peril


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Has anyone been through to Upper Hackergill Cave from Ibbeth Peril Cave recently? We had a look at it earlier today, and the passage was impassable due to silting about 30 metres from the start of the wallowy bit. Does it need digging out each time?


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Looked at it from hacker Gill side a few years ago. Was total choked. DHSS said digging would not be surprising. Should be on shelf on left towards end of upstream downstream assuming you got this far if you went in from ibbeth. Hacker Gill side looked like fair bit of work.
Most things in Dentdale need digging out to a greater or lesser extent after floods.

Flood Cavern is a much better option to dig out and would open up a large undived sump again from 1997. Need a diver on standby as it doesn't stay open for long.

Howgill Cave likely to be a good option too but maybe not this Friday!


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Well it's open now (Upstream Downstream passage), but only for skinny people (19/20cm squeeze machine). Bring a small spade though and you will get through if larger, it's not blocked any where near as long as it looks, thanks to the tube in the roof about 5ft from the end of the wet bit, but it does have some long low sections that need careful navigation in the wide bedding plain and a second squeeze at the end of the tube. Would hate to be in there if any more water than what I had, which was basically a trickle, it would be horrible(er).