illusion pot


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Hi, I'm with UNCC and we are thinking of doing illusion pot on Sunday. We are aware that it takes a while to drain and are wondering if people would recommend going down tomorrow?


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Can't directly answer your question but, in case it helps, the west side of the Dales has been a lot drier than other parts of the country lately. Ony 4 mm of rain in a gauge near Clapham spread over the last three days. (Storm Ciaran beforehand didn't really drop that much rain, compared with elsewhere.)


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Kayakers have a prediction tool for next couple of days, based on current levels & expected rainfall (look back to see last big rise was 1st Nov):

Wharfe showed very similar pattern to Ribble:

EA river levels includes rainfall over last hour / 6 hours / 24 hours (although do check times for last update):

They also have a rain gauge near Cold Cotes (you can scroll map for others):
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