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Inglesport Photographic Competition


New member
My first photo unfortunately I don't no how to link from flicker using a Mobile phone

So here is the link


Hello everyone,

Here are my three:

Long Kin West - Looking up the first pitch at Alex Seaton and Fiona Hartley.

Fall Pot (Easegill) - Arun Paul prussicks

Cape Kennedy (Easegill) - Jack Hare touches the enormous fire hydrant [no formations were harmed during the production of this photograph]

Thanks for looking!

Ian Ball

Well-known member
How could I vote for a particular photo of yours if you post them all in one post?

Not that my vote is worth much as I've pretty much liked every shot so far!  Cancelling them all out.  Bit like a friend who voted for once for Gareth Gates and once for Will Young.


Staff member
Once the competition closes on 15th July Pegasus will produce a shortlist.  It's liking the photos on that shortlist that will produce the winners.  Until then just like away for the hell of it.. ;) 


Active member
Thought I'd put in some of my clients - all first time cavers and superb models. Not bad at holding flash guns either.

I always offer them the choice at the end of the trip to get totally soaked and get some nice photos....they never say no!  :confused:

IMG_8969-2 by Christine Grosart, on Flickr

IMG_8921-2 by Christine Grosart, on Flickr

IMG_8972-3 by Christine Grosart, on Flickr

All images taken in Swildons Hole Shower Bath, by Christine Grosart; All cavers are first timers and have never been caving before  :sneaky:


New member
Figured out how to shrink the pic size so here the photo in the link from flickr


  • 2018-07-06_01-15-10.jpg
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Active member
My second entry was shot just yesterday, it shows Ben Wright surfacing after an unsupported dive to -71m in Main Rising, Peak Cavern. Mega.
This was his final dive in there, and it was a real pleasure to carry bottles and camera gear in for this concluding effort.

Main Rising, Peak Cavern by tommypmoore, on Flickr


Staff member
Fewer than 5 days to go folks before the deadline - 10pm,  Sunday 15th July!!  :D :D

Still time to get the camera out or scroll through your photos sitting there on your computer not doing anything  ;)


New member
This photo of a curtain was taken on a filming trip into St. Cuthberts, Mendips in June 2018. Taken using an Olympus TG4 with back-lighting from an LED torch.



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New member
The photo was taken in May 2018 on a Olympus TG4, back-lighting was an LED torch, foreground lighting from a helmet. This is a corner in The Tube in Peak Cavern.


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