Hi, this is just a quick hello from the CRO team, and a thank you to UK Caving for providing us with our very own page on the forum.  The aim of the rescue team pages is to provide us with a platform to pass on any information that we feel may be relevant to you cavers out there with boots on/under the ground, and also, hopefully to be a two way street as we are always interested and open to hearing what your thoughts are on what we are doing and how we do it.

As the number of cave related incidents we deal with is thankfully relatively low these days (maybe 5%-10% of our annual call outs), we don't envisage that this will be the busiest page on the forum, but non the less, we really appreciate having this opportunity to be able to communicate with fellow cavers via the forum.

Also, if anyone has any questions or queries about what we do and how we operate, if we can, we'll be happy to try and answer them.

All the best for now.