Ipod Touch

ian mckenzie

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One free app you can get is a virtual spirit level, kinda cool.  It got me thinking though... could someone write an app to make the Ipod Touch into a cave surveying instrument?  Just strap it onto a laser distance finder...

Someday they will be cheap enough so anyone can afford one.  But I bet Suuntos will never come down in price.


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How accurate is this virtual spirit level? I suspect it's gimmicky rather than a useful instrument.



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When it has the accuracy of the distox, the memory capacity of an old PDA running pocket topo and will export data in a format other than a proprietary one owned by Apple, get back to us.  :coffee:

ian mckenzie

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Hm, didn't folks say the same thing about home PCs thirty years ago...

64 gig ain't bad for its size. (or is that gIg ;) ).  And they do get cheaper every year. 
PDAs weren't made to run cave survey programs either.  Maybe...