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Is anyone having problems posting photographs since the upgrade?


Staff member
Hi All, we used to have the following as a sticky post under forum notices as posting photos used to be complicated. Since the upgrade, I have been meaning to post a new thread, explaining how to post photographs, however am wondering do we need to as all sees to be intuitive and running smoothly?


...and if we do need to post something, any volunteers?? 😁

Thanks, Pegasus


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I don't have problems posting pictures, but they all seem to appear very small on-screen – I'll try one now:


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That is because you've added it as an attachment.

You can also just copy and paste your picture straight into the text box, or click on the picture icon and drop the picture in. It will then appear where your cursor is and you can drag to resize.


Or if you attach it as you have, there is an option on the small image to "insert", then drag to resize as before.