How to post photographs onto the forum


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There are two ways of posting a photograph on Ukcaving.

The first is best for larger or good quality images but they must already be hosted on the web somewhere, the second can be uploaded from your PC but must be small, low resolution images. 

First way:  The image needs to already be on the web somewhere. If its a photo on your own pc - then you'll need to upload it to the web using a site such as flickr, photobucket etc.

Once its up on the web, you then need to find the address (or URL) of the picture.

You can find this by right-clicking the picture and clicking "copy image address" or highlight and 'copy' the URL in properties.

Then back in your UKcaving post,

You need to press the
button which will give you two image tags - an 'open' tag and a 'close' tag.


Then you paste the url of the picture between the tags.


You can also resize the image by inserting width=??? after the first 'img', for example,


Second way: You can upload a photograph directly from your device.  Clip the 'Attachments and other options' located below the 'post reply' box.  This brings up an 'Attach - choose file' option, where you can find the desired photograph on your device.

Unfortunately the image size is limited to a maximum of 1Mb so your photograph must be resized before trying to post it.  There is also a limit to 10 photographs per post.  The photo is an attachment and doesn't appear in preview.

The photograph will be a medium thumbnail like this which will expand once clicked.


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