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Jim Newton


Jim Newton
Sad news. We lost a great friend and caver last Friday.

Message from his daughter Hazel.
Many thanks for all the lovely visits and messages of support for Jim and I over the last few months. Recently, Jim moved into Laurel Bank Care Home, Lancaster, for round-the-clock care. It was there, surrounded by family photos and his favourite caving pictures, that he climbed his last pitch and slipped away peacefully with me by his side. I will let you know the arrangements in due course for the celebration of a life well-lived.

Hazel xx


Well-known member
That's a shock, even though Jim was well advanced in years.
He was one of northern caving's greats and a wonderful bloke to know, always with boundless enthusiasm.

This is really bad news but thanks for letting us know. My sympathy goes out to Jim's family and to his many good friends in the Red Rose. Bull Pot Farm will never be quite the same.


Well-known member
A CPC member said the following yesterday:

I well remember when Red Rose brought him up to the winch and a group of them went down with him and shared a bottle of bubbly when he was back on the surface with a broad grin on his face.
In the 1960s to us young lads ''he was the salt of the earth'' such was reliability etc each weekend we could go good trips or up the top of the mountains .We knew somehow we would get home for tea +medals!!!!!!!!!
He also was involved in opening up Wretched Rabbit ,Sylvester, reopening of Top Sinks (in 1960s) and a mile or so of new stuff in Lancaster Hole
and a lot more elsewhere.
However to anyone he meet was his enthusiasm on almost anything it gave anyone a buzz on life
Jim was a well revered member of the old guard when I joined the RRCPC. Whilst I never spent much time in his company, I often saw him at the farm and he was always asking what we had been up to as we wandered past and always up for a chinwag. He was a friendly chap with a huge knowledge of caving and digging. He will be missed. Wherever he ends up, I am sure he will have some scaffold in hand!


Dear Friends,
Please join us to celebrate Jim's life on THURSDAY 8th DECEMBER 10:30 a.m. at Lancaster Crematorium followed by a buffet lunch at 12 noon at The Lodge in Slyne (see both addresses below).
In lieu of flowers, there will be a collection box for donations to the Cave Rescue Organisation.
Please send me a quick email to confirm that you will be attending the buffet lunch so that we can make sure everyone is well fed!
10:30 a.m. Service, Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium, Powder House Lane, Lancaster LA2 6AD
12:00 noon buffet lunch (we can arrive earlier for a drink). Parking is available. The Lodge, 92 Main Road, Slyne,Lancaster. LA2 6AZ

We hope to see you, Hazel and family Email: Hazelhewitt@hotmail.com