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Matthew Coe aka Xero Slingsby

Mr Fell

New member
Does anybody remember Matthew Coe aka Xero Slingsby, sometime member of the CPC - now sadly departed? I met Matthew a few times in the mid 70`s when I stayed with friends at the CPC and caved with them. He was a real character to say the least and my brief aquaintance with him left abiding memories. Recently I had wondered what had become of him and I was sad to learn that he passed on on 1988 - but not before becoming a jazz musician of some note.

Hit this link to read about Xero Slingsby and the works - hear the music too - which I think is excellent.


Does anybody have any recollections about Matthew that they would like to share?



Well-known member
There's plenty of people about in the Dales who remember Matthew Coe with great fondness. He was an incredible bloke - the ultimate likeable rogue. He also had exceptional musical talent. Matthew's premature death was a great shock to all those who knew him.


New member
I had the great pleasure of listening to Zero playing in the pubs around Leeds in the late 70's and ( although not a great jazz fan ) I never had a bad evening when zero was blowing. Certainly a great character and a sax player of outstanding vertuosity
Interest piqued by Graham Proudlove's mentions of Xero in "A Series of Short Passages" I found this ebook/blog to be well worth exploring aurally and visually:
There is even a photo from when he 'used to go potholing' in his scrapbook of summonses for busking aka begging//obstuction/vagrancy...


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You'll find several articles in 1970s CPC Journals involving him and one or two by him, including this learned treatise:

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