Memorial stone - Bagshawe - lost


Amanda. R

The round memorial flower holder for Tony Revell at the top of Bagshawe seems to have dissappeared.  I think Shaun from Chesterfield made it but I m not sure.
Does any one know anything about it as it seems strange it has gone.



Whats it look like - I know shaun made the plaque that is stuck on the wall above.
Are all the rest of the pots there.
Hmm - I'll have a look around (though I assume you already have).

That would be stooping pretty low to actually nick it.

No jokes about always having to stoop low in Bagshawe please.

Amanda. R

Thanks Guys.  It is the heavy round stone that was below the plaque. With a place to put flowers in.  The flowers had been taken out and put in a jug at the side.  I would be really surprised if some one had nicked it, though some people might think it would look nice in the garden with a plant in I suppose.