Mendip Wezzit?


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As the main thread seems to be going a bit slowly, I thought I'd make it area specific - so where is it?




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estelle said:
LOL yes, definitely frozen cascade in charterhouse - it looked exactly like that on saturday!

The giveaways are the tarp & Ali's "No Entry" sign.

Personally I think it's great that the team not only protects stuff in this way, but is also digging a bypass purely to protect these formations for the future.

pete h

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Its not actually digging a bypass but blasting a tunnel through solid rock, conservation and access at extreme levels.
We would also like to thank the C.S.C.C. who have agreed to give us some funding for this project.  (y)

Ali M

Portal Pool is now effectively closed for the winter and the aim of this project is to complete a bypass to the Frozen Cascade by engineering a route from Sand Dig (in 100 Fathom Passage) to The Timeline. This will allow the 2009 extensions to be open for trips from next summer but please note that as Portal Pool and Diesel Duck sump during the winter (and also after heavy rainfall) that these passages will be only accessible for a maximum of 4-5 months a year.
The 2008 extensions have been open for trips since last November and there are 18 leaders for Charterhouse and include 2 leaders specifically for non CCC clubs. The 2008 extensions are not weather dependent.



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Hmm, should we award the right to post the next picture to Cap'n Chris for getting the right cave or Stu for the correct spot?

Whoever posts first from you two then...



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I'd say Charterhouse entrance series but I have only got one more picture I could put on and it is too easy.

cap n chris

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seddon said:
Is the gentleman sporting large nipple rings, Cap'n?

No. Blimey, you're observant, though, Tony!

Not nipple rings - that's just the external clip-ins for the otherwise concealed built-in chest harness.

Sorry, Elaine; it's not Charterhouse. Try again.


guess it was a bit too easy, i've only got white pit and hlis uploaded anywhere i could nick one my my pics from!

All your's Aubrey.