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    Saturday 19th November from 19:30hrs in the Long Room, Hunters Lodge Inn.

    Annual competition for the longest new discovery under Mendip or Scotland between 01 Nov 2021 and 31 Oct 2022. Presentations on the latest finds and digs that haven't gone… yet!

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Mendip Wezzit?

cap n chris

Well-known member
Pea sap hiss! You'll easily recognise it from the background darkness and block of stone in the top left foreground.



as i am lacking many cave pics of my own, i've borrowed one from my boyfriend (so he's not allowed to answer!).



New member
Posting on behalf of Estelle (as she used my piccie!) - yep, it's the Gibbets Brow poo mine! Nice one Ed, your turn...  (y)

cap n chris

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....er, yes you have, `cos I pushed it back in so you wouldn't notice. It's a tad wobbly which means it's a dead giveaway which cave it's in. Odd-toed-ungulate-related Chinese medicine, anyone?