Micro Vs Mini Traction


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Do you carry one and what advantages do they have over each other. I've heard the Micro is more efficient and has the bonus of being lighter for a cravass rescue kit, but does the extra size of the Mini have any advantages.

Sorry I'll stop posting kit threads soon.

Jon daniels

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The micro is top mate and you can Use it as an ascender too if you have to and I know what your like for forgetting kit  :LOL:
Long time no see btw

Pete K

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Mini T has been discontinued by Petzl now I think so the choice is mainly Pro vs Micro for new gear. Sure there are a few Mini T's left out there though.
My experience... Mini T is favourite, easy to use with and without gloves. Micro T more fiddly and will engage itself more easily which is a pain when I just want a pulley or to release it. New Pro T = sexy, slick, but like a brick on your harness. Old Pro T = easier to use then new one but need an extra krab.
The bigger the wheel the better in the case of efficiency and rescue, which is after all why you carry one. Bearings of courses play a part too. I think the new Micro is more efficient than the old Mini, but I still prefer the Mini.

As you probably guess I have one of each! Micro on my personal SRT kit, Mini for Wales work and Pro for all L2 and SRT where I might need to pull people longer than a few feet.


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It doesn't surprise me you have both Pete :D

I'm thinking smaller kit, means it's more likely to be carried and therefore there when I need it.


The Mini doesn't have efficient bearings.

I have a Micro for general underground trips and an old Pro for work trips. Suits me fine.

Maybe I should acquire a new Pro and see if that's any better!