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Hey all!
Some of you may have heard, but I will be taking over the Y&D role from the amazing work that Josh has been doing over the years.

My Brief Aims!
  • Push non-academic routes into Caving using "new to caving."
  • Upskilling University Clubs with the idea of improving safety and competency.
  • Push for a more diverse/inclusive caving scene (Inclusive push for caves that can work for disabilities).
  • Support CHECC.
  • Push for more youth development and participation of the BCRA and science avenues for better conservation and archaeological research and protection.
  • Push for more youth representation in the BCA and BCRA.
Lots of buzzwords in my overview aims but I have come up with workable solutions for each point. Please feel free to come to the talk this weekend on Saturday where I will go into each aim and also get your feedback and (Hopefully help!!)
For now, feel free to send me an email to YOUTH@BRITISH-CAVING.ORG.UK with any ideas or questions you may have and spread the word.
Yours in caving,


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I was wondering if BCA or BCA Y&D are running a stand at Hidden Earth this year?


I was wondering if BCA or BCA Y&D are running a stand at Hidden Earth this year?
Sadly no stand from Y&D side this year and I'm unsure about the BCA. However, I'll be around all weekend and am trying to wrap everything into the talk.
Defiantly will have one next year :)

cap n chris

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If it was S&D (Student and Development) I'd be less vexed by the title, cos really it's adults rather than under 18s. Being olde skooole I equate youth with young people, not legal adults+. There, I've got that off my chest. Hurrah.