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New to Caving - Venture Underground on 2nd March


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As part of our ongoing efforts to support those looking to try caving for the first time, we are pleased to say that our next event is on Saturday 2nd March, and is being hosted by the Craven Pothole Club.

Full details of the broader initiative, including this particular event, and signup can be found here:

At the time of posting we have four of eight spaces remaining.

So... if you are a non-caver who has been watching UKCaving for a while thinking "I wonder if this is for me"... or you know someone who is keen to try caving, and who is able to travel to the Yorkshire Dales region, this could be a great event.

As with all our events which we run in partnership with local clubs, you will be provided with the necessary underground equipment, and there will be people there with plenty of knowledge to help guide you onto the next steps if you enjoy your experience.

We are currently putting the finishing touches to our Spring-Summer 2024 training workshop calendar, which will include a couple of new-to-SRT events shortly after this introductory session, to enable quick progression for any enthusiastic individuals :)

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