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Newbie - Jug Holes or Great Masson Mine via Quarry?


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Looking for a beginners cave/mine complex to explore for half a day in the Peak District with no rope work required. Had a look around Wapping/Cumberland already and now well and truly have the 'underground' bug.  Just wondering if Jug Holes or Great Masson Mine via Quarry are a good next suitable choice? Thanks for the tips/advice.


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Both are good although I'm not sure what's happening with access for Masson at the moment. Devonshire and Ball Eye are also worth considering and not too far away.


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I don't think its "open" but then as far as I know its not closed either. I saw some recent video on t'interweb but the same people also have video of places they shouldn't be.


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There's open as in "it is possible to get into the place" and open as in "there is an access agreement for getting into the place", and Ball Eye is not in the latter category, plus I personally wouldn't recommend a novice goes there without someone who knows the system.

Aside of the two places the OP mentioned, I would second Devonshire (sticking to the main routes) or Mouldridge Mine at Pikehall, plus if you're in the Via Gellia area Groaning Tor Level is an easy to find walk-in?


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Clatterway's not too bad for safety or skills either, though I guess it could be considered grubby, and perhaps a little repetitive if you're not into pipe workings.


I would go with AR reccomendation of devonshire,plenty to see,and lots to go at,check dca for latest parking info as this has just been updated and make sure the gates are securely closed ,ave a good un (y)