NSS News June 2021 American Caving Accidents 2019-2020


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NSS News June 2021 American Caving Accidents 2019-2020

Cave rescue in the USA appears to be big business, sorry I mean highly organised with Trainees, Trainers, and finally Coordinators.  But I digress.  Back to the cave recues as described.

Most appear to be hikers or similar entering a cave without helmets and with insufficient lights.  Many events are self-rescues.  A slip involving a sprain or a fracture which are then carried out without calling the emergency services.  Apart from mine shafts, I cannot think that there are any caves in Wales with 100 ft deep pitches.  In the USA vertical shafts account for quite a few call out.  Many are fatal when the rappelling gear fails.  In another case they failed to tie a knot in the end of the rope and fell off the end.  Cave diving appears hazardous.  In the Domnican Republic two Italians got stuck and ran out of air.  Local cave divers failed and cave diving recovery experts from the USA were alerted.  After some difficulty getting into the country they were finally allowed in and recovered the bodies.  In the Manatee Springs in Florida a cave diving group from China suffers a death using a flood exit in flood.  Animal rescues were very common making cavers very popular with land owners for a change.  In Cueva de la Puente, Mexico an Australian caver had a fall.  Her fellow cavers where helped by volunteers from a nearby lime mine who assisted her out of the cave.  On the way to the hospital to ambulance crashed into a fallen tree.  At the hospital her medical insurance was refused.  After some negotiation they agreed to operate before payment could be made. 

Others papers are: Getting back to caving after COVID, and ?Off Rope?.  The latter refers to the Safety Zones at the top and bottom of a pitch.  This is followed by the details of the National Coordinator of the NCRC (Nation Cave Rescue Commission) and A Framework for Search and Rescue Team Culture Using Mission Command Philosophy. 

Finally there is a report on a new light for caving, the Wisdom Lamp 4.  It will be interesting to learn of Roy Fellows comments in this new caving lamp from China