Old carabiner


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Fjell said:
Bare-hulled aluminium boats happily float for decades in saltwater with no issue. It?s when you introduce current from some source you get the problems. Bare aluminium is used for most of the serious boats you can buy for heading out into the sticks. It?s the cheese.

Technically it's not bare aluminium, it's covered in a protective layer of aluminium oxide which forms immediately on contact with air as aluminium is actually very reactive. However, as previously stated, aluminium carabiners are not made of pure aluminium but alloys which are much more susceptible to corrosion (the extra elements, particularly copper, disrupting the protective surface layer).


There was a very interesting talk at a Hidden Earth at least ten years ago on this very subject of mixing alloy and steel componates.


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cavemanmike said:
droid said:
If you want corrosion you should have seen some of the pegs me and a mate ended up clipping on Gogarth  :LOL:
That why you should do gogarth trad  ;)

I'm talking mid 80's on a climb done in the mid 60's and the gear was from that time. Is that 'trad' enough for you?  :LOL: :LOL: