Online Log Book: 2006

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cap n chris

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Little Neath River Cave:
Andy H, Chris B, Martin G: (not really a club trip).
A superb mid-week sunny/cloudy day out for the three amigos. Water levels higher than I've witnessed here before but it made for a far more enjoyable trip once we'd got in the entrance bit. Usual round trip taking in all the main sights and some more for fun added on. Lots of doggy paddling everywhere. Upstream through the canal to a low-roofed section before making way upstream to the sump and then out.

On to Bridge Cave to look at the sump from t'other side. I walked over the bridge for the first time. Out again.

Ice creams at the shop in the middle of nowhere, enjoyed in the open air in bright sunshine. Gosh how marvellous. Much fun banter all the time.

Home for tea and medals by 5:00pm.
23rd August 2006 St. Cuthberts Swallet
Chris Castle, Andy H., Mark W., Barry H., Sissel B.

After a great deal of flaffing about we made a rather late start, nearly 8 PM. Sissel wanted to learn the cave, so she went first, ranting and cursing in her German accent which is highly appropriate.

A leisurely sightseeing trip ended at The Second Stal Bank in the Rabbit Warren as time was pressing, so we returned via Railway Tunnel, Harem Passage and Upper Traverse Chamber. It took me a few minutes to locate the elusive passage to Lower Traverse Chamber, then out via the Waterchute and the Mud Halls.

25th August 2006 Hunters Hole
Chris Castle, Barry H., Sissel B.

An SRT practice trip.

I rigged the direct Route, but cannot find a good hang. I put a deviation to the bolt for the ledge route, but still had a rub near the bottom, although you could fend off mostly. It needs more bolts further out.

That went OK, so Sissel de-rigged while I rigged the route around the ledge, the Right-Hand Route, or the Left Hand Route if you're the other way round. On the way I tripped over my tackle bag, rather embarassingly going over the edge and showering Sis with gravel.

We all descended, had a look at the digs, then Sis ascended first. Despite hours of practice she arrived at the re-belay and changed her foot jammer over first, thus being unable to remove her body jammer, ending up jamming it into the knot and getting hung up. I had to ascend and pass between her thighs and sort her out. Oo-er! Then, blow me, if Barry did'nt do the same thing, but managed to sort himself out, thank goodness.

No more incidents, I hope they remember their basic training next time.

Andy Sparrow

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Sunday 13th August
Eastwater Cavern
Andy S, Neil & Judi, Dani
A very efficient trip down the Twin Verts route going in and out via the Boulder Chamber.  We used SRT rigging and one travelling ladder.  Neil did the SRT while the rest of us laddered which kept the kit down to sensible minimum.  Dani frequently reiterated her dislike for the cave but eventually, on the surface, in the Queen Vic, with a drink in front of her, moderated her view.  A good work out and an enjoyable return for me after quite a few years.  Three and a half hours.


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A rather polite summary of me mumbling under my breath all the way round and (although in my defence, I had turned up to do a nice relaxing bimble round Burrington).

I'm still not convinced about the cave, but the pint afterwards was great  :clap:

PS - I see Neil and Judi are now not listed separately, but are 'Neil & Judi' - ahhhh
29th August 2006. Gough's Cave, Damocles Dig
Chris Castle, Sissel B.

A return was made a few days ago with a shotfirer, and today Sissel and I went for a look. Some of the hanging death is down, and a glimpse through the boulders gives a tantalising glimpse of a chamber larger than GG, GB and Sarawak put together.

No draught, though.

On re-reading the above I see I inadvertantly told a complete lie. It looks impossible to continue here, to progress is beyond our resources, is a bit dangerous, and is probably the wrong way. We hope to try another place, but first the Club should settle our debt with the shotfirer.

cap n chris

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Send your bill to the secretary and we'll rustle up a kite for you to fly in the shotfirer's direction, I'm sure.  :kiss2:

cap n chris

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Swildon's Hole Round Trip:
1st Sept 06: A tourist trip, really, but turned into a "hunt the vandals" journey, having found bits of broken stal, discarded lager cans etc. as we went. All was fine since nothing needed bailing but Andy had a bit of a squeeze in the narrow bit whereas I whizzed through! Ha!

St. Cuthbert's Swallet: Maypole(pie) Series
2nd Sept 06: Another tourist trip to this lovely bit of Cuthbert's. Down the waterfall in Wire Rift by abbing, then up to Sentry Passage and do the Maypie Series up, rest/chocolate, ab down everything and then return via the normal laddered route. Andy Hebden, Me and Martin G. A good lark. Not as wet as we were hoping, however.
8th September 2006 Rhino Rift, Left-Hand Route
Chris Castle, Sissel B.

After another practice session in the Black Cat Chamber in Gough's I decided Sis was ready for Rhino so off we went. The lock opened with no trouble at all, a good omen. I rigged the deviation on the first pitch as a rebelay for more practice, the rest in the conventional way. We just did the three big pitches, no real problems except that Sis made some balls-up on the ascent at the second pitch rebelay. I've no idea what she did, but sorted it out so I didn't have to fanny about with her this time. She was strong enough to prussick quite quickly up the first pitch with a full tackle bag of rope.

Back for fried giant puffballs.

Andy Sparrow

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OFD 3 9th September
Andy S, Ken, Andy P, Dave H, Rachel and Zoe
Got underground just after midday and made steady progress via Salubrious, Arete Chamber and Timo's table.  The route towards OFD 3 always seems to take longer than expected, not surprising really, with all that climbing up and down.  Anyway, we eventually found ourselves at the start of the traverses and sent the ever-cool Mr Pollard strolling casually over to anchor a rope.  With varying degrees of enthusiasm we traversed the long unprotected section to the safe ground overlooking the final section.  While we were chilling-out Mr P scambled down the next climb, missed the traverse level, and continued down to the dark and distant floor of the rift.  He returned with a trophy - a somewhat corroded Clog jammer that I dated to circa 1974.  The squeeze at the end of the traverses is definitely getting smaller.  Finally, we found ourselves down at the stream by the maypole bridge but our 3 hours inward time was up and it was time to about-turn.  I headed back up the boulderslope, collected a slightly traumatised and abandoned Zoe who was contemplating the very bold step over the enormous hole, and escorted her back over the traverses.  We had a pleasant cruise back with a song and a laugh and a joke.  I took considerable pleasure from trailing at the back and allowing my chums to attempt to route-find.  We emerged after 6.5 hours into a very pleasant sunny evening having all enjoyed one of the best trips in the UK.  A very nice meal and a few drinkies followed.  An excellent day out.  Zoe has some pics that will, hopefully, get posted soon.

Me, Andy H., Andy S., Steve P. (probably), perhaps Dani who's doing the Swildon's trip, and - who knows? - even Cap'n Chris himself.

What has this to do with the Online Log Book?

cap n chris

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It's got nothing to do with the online log book but at least it answered my question. Dani said she's going to turn up. I only asked because I'd totally forgotten about it until Brendan mentioned it and it occurred to me that others might have forgotten about it too but obviously they hadn't.
St. Cuthbert's Swallet Sunday 17th September 2006.
Chris Castle, Andy H., Zoe W.

A rather disappointing turnout, so I took the opportunity to visit September Series, which is limited to 3 plus leader.
We did the usual round trip - through the boulder ruckle, Illusion and Cone Chambers and then through more bouders, where I had trouble getting my Adonis-like body through the squeeze, for a look at the fine formations of Victory Passage. Then up to September Chamber and the wonderfully white formations of The Balcony.
We left via the usual route as Zoe was tiring a bit and needed a push up the Entrance Rift.
Our slow pace was due to the interest of Andy and Zoe, but mainly due to delays caused by Zoe's filthy sense of humour.

How do I print selected pages for the hard copy of our log book? I can only print all 27 pages or nothing and highlighting makes no difference.


Chris select it then 'file' 'print'. Select 'print selection' in the box that appears and that should work. If not select the bits you want and copy and paste them into word and print from there.


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Swildon's Upper Series, Sunday 17th September

Dani, Brendan, Gary

A quick pootle round the upper series of Swildons as a bit of a familiarisation / route finding exercise for Brendan and Gary.  Down the long dry way to the top of the 20, back up the long dry way, down the wet way and then back up the short dry way.  A very pleasant morning trip and good company.

cap n chris

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Wednesday 20th September 06: Martin G and Cap'n'Chris:
Just a brief bimble to collect some rope and bits and bobs left behind over yonder. Took this photo of Martin on a pitch which is actually a bit more worrying than the picture suggests since it's a VERY slippery 30ft phreatic tube pitch.

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