Our new Inclusivity Coordinator

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You are absolutely right and I apologise for the glibness; thinking more about it, the reason I know you are right is that I distinctly recall hearing from at least one "higher up" personage in the caving scene that applications for membership to their club were routinely subject to veto (he called it "black balling") if there were any character traits which the person had which was frowned upon by the self-elected illuminati. It actually wouldn't surprise me one jot if nothing has changed whatsoever and this is still routine practice. So, I stand corrected.
I rather doubt that or I would not be in any caving club at all.

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Its about time the caving fraternity
'Woke' up to inclusivity (stated with tongue in cheek) knowing several bi / trans cavers.


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So to summarise this thread.

Hi I’m Josh, the inaugural inclusivity co-ordinator for CNCC.

My short term aims are to try and gain an understanding of what possible barriers exist for different minorities, whilst celebrating the good news stories out there already (thanks @Pitlamp for providing a raft of information on this). I aim to build a team around me with lived experience of being a minority, as a straight, white, middle-class, ambulant male, I’ve not been on the receiving end of much discrimination.

If you want to be involved in this please reach out to me at inclusivity@cncc.org.uk, and I’ll look to bring you into the team.

This thread has given me lots to think about, both in terms of feeling great about the breadth of support out there, but also re-enforcing some theories I already had about barriers I’m going to face in getting this group up and running.

I think to nip this thread in the bud before it goes to awry, it might be wise for the mods to close commenting.

My inbox as it always has for any (voluntary) role I’ve been in, remains open for anyone wanting to tell me how wrong I am, how right I am, or any offers of support, so please do reach out.
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