Own up then! Who did it?

Wayland Smith

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Who has been digging near Abersychan? :)

"Residents stunned as Welsh river turns bright orange"​

"Residents have been left shocked after a huge section of a Welsh river has turned bright orange. Stretches of Afon Lwyd at Charlesville near Pontypool changed from its usual grey to bright orange on Friday, January 12 and remains the same colour on Saturday morning, January 13."



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We had a similar Tango moment recently in a well-known North Pennines mine. High in an off-the-beaten-track stope, someone (who must remain nameless) inadvertently put his size 10 though an ochre dam holding back rather a lot of water. The resulting orange cascade down the manway into the level was indeed a sight to behold, and when it subsided, a mile of horse level (and also the beck) were bathed russet. Worse still, every time someone visited the mine thereafter, the settled russet goop was stirred up again for a minor encore. Fortunately we all saw the funny side...



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I can remember visiting a mine in Devon where any trip resulted in a similar emission of ochre water in the River Tavy.


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I was hoping Ian Adams would have put a picture up of river Alyn turned a rather bright green aft”someone” used to much fluoresce when dye testing. It was spectacular