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Pink Pillar Chamber. The Ethics of Secrecy


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G. Hardwick said:
No, I certainly wouldn't expect you to read academic papers.
I don't know about everyone else.

But the grace with which someone responds to having their lack of attention to detail politely pointed out to them may have a bearing on how well any future posts are received.

I give no grace when the  argument is self defeating (as the author points out later). It's not "lack of attention to detail", it's totally f**king irrelevant. You had a prominent member of the DCA screaming about  secrecy and accusing people of criminal actions, so what difference does a paper, brought to light more than a year later, have on the "security through obscurity" fallacy that was being banked on the make it a "secure" site?

If you're going to attempt to insult my perceived lack of ability to read published academic papers, You really should try harder, my skin is considerably thicker than that. Do not confuse the lack of sugar coating my words for a deficiency in intellect, you would be gravely mistaken.


[gmod]Once again we are beginning to get to the bickering stage - please stop it. If you don't agree with someone else's viewpoint, then put up an opposing argument rather than descending to name calling and bickering.[/gmod]


I've been watching this thread with interest, as my digging partner and I have participated in 'secrecy' regarding a major find to known cave system. We had been digging for about 18 months - with the agreement of the owner, and made a breakthrough in late April 2014, with further small extensions since.

However, the circumstances are slightly different, in that the owner of the cave has had to negotiate with a certain National body regarding what the owner 'owns' and has done since before the National body was formed.

These agreements are almost finalised and, hopefully, the finds - which are highly decorated - will be publicised to the general public sometime in the coming months. However, given the location within the exsisting system, it is unlikely that there will be any access for recreational cavers except for the possibility of a leader system.

We have kept quiet about 'our' finds, although someone else nearly let the cat out of the bag, out of necessity as it may have had an effect on the owners negoiations. However, seen that the cave is very, very old (at least c.400K+ years), another couple of years won't hurt.


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This past week my brother and I finished the survey of a known but unmapped cave. We found several virgin passages, one of which was fragile and very well decorated. The climb through a collapse that leads to this area is extremely muddy. We made our way through as carefully as possible, shoes off, took some photos, and found that the passage soon ended. I am confident that the passage would be greatly diminished if it were visited just a few times by typical cavers. So I have decided to omit the passage from map and description, and to return only once, when/if my photographic skills are improved enough to do it some justice.