Recommended beginner courses which include squeezing


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Hey! Nice to meet you all :)

My partner has been interested in caving for a while and I'd like to get do an introductory day course with her (neither of us have ever done it before). Happy to spend up to £100pp (although ideally less!). Also happy to travel to do it (we'd probably do it as part of a weekend getaway).

She'd definitely be interested in squeezing/crawling through some tight spots etc (i.e. we don't just want to be walking upright all day). She's not super fit so I'd probably want to avoid too much rock climbing etc (several hours of walking around is fine though). Does anyone have any recommendations please? I've had a look online but am finding it difficult to pick between all the different options and to know which are good and which might be disappointing.

Any advice greatly appreciated! Feel free to redirect me to a similar thread if you know of one :)



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Hello Sam, and welcome to your new hobby!

Obviously it depends on where you live, but the Yorkshire Dales has (arguably!) the best caves in the country, with lots of variety. Tight squeezes, big pitches, beautiful formations . . . whatever you fancy!

I started caving a couple of years ago, and have trained with a mixture of CNCC Workshops and Yorkshire Dales Guides
Both very highly recommended!

For starters, you might consider the Try Caving Day run by Craven Pothole Club in March (a bargain at £15).!

Have fun!


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If the dates of the craven pothole club try caving day don’t work for you. The YSS are looking to follow up their two very successful experience caving weekends with some more next year! Keep your eyes peeled!


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These try caving events are usually very good. Thay have the advantage of your getting to know members of one of the well established clubs directly. As suggested above, both the CPC and YSS would look after you, as would other clubs which co-operate with the try caving scheme.

Quite a few of the events are run by clubs which have their own hostels in a caving area. If you get on well with their members and decide to join, you'll then have access to very cheap accommodation in a caving area. (Hint; there's a lot more to caving than just going in caves!)

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Depends whether you want to just have a go in a professional setting or whether you're intending to go into it full time. If it's the latter, join a club. It'll work out cheap in the long run once you've got all your gear and memberships but if you just want to tick the experience box, for fun, go with a qualified instructor. They will supply everything.


There’s some great answers above so what I’d suggest is deciding where in the UK you want to go for it! The Yorkshire Dales and Mendip hills have been suggested so far, but you can also go to South Wales and the Peak District!

There’s many great providers (both commercial and caving clubs & caving regional councils) in all regions. Personally I would suggest Yorkshire for a weekend away but I’m sure if we were to get into it others would have different opinions for just as compelling reasons 😃

Good luck!